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deviation in storage by juliedillon
I just now had this dream when I was taking a nap.

So, my dream began and I was driving.  Suddenly, a police car stopped me!  The police officer's voice came on the car radio, informing me that I had committed some kind of traffic offense (I don't know what it was) and that I would have to take a 210-minute driving class and a test of celebrity recognition.

So, I got to the class early (it started at 9:00 PM).  Andorra was there with me.  The police building did not look very tall.  On the way in there was an old-looking green car and a friendly police dog.

We made our way to the classroom.  Although we did not go up any steps and the building was not very big, somehow we were many floors off of the ground.  I was worried about the celebrity recognition test since I am terrible at remembering the names of celebrities, so I asked a few people, some of whom I recognized from summer school, about the test and they said it was not too difficult and that the celebrities were all people like Elvis and Spock.

The class started.  The officer teaching the class was very mean.  He yelled about many things, but I could not figure out what the class was about.  I found out that the class ended at three in the morning instead of at midnight as I had originally thought.  Because of this I wrote a note to Andorra saying that we should come back and have the class at an earlier time, but the officer turned the lights off to show some nonsensical slides and she could not read the note.

Suddenly, thunder started!  It was raining very heavily outside.  Apparently the classroom was high enough off the ground to have clouds floating around outside the window, because they were.  Also, the dog was floating around outside the window.  Its leash was very very long and still tied to a streetlight.  Apparently this happened because of some kind of atmospheric event.

We were all shocked and ran out the classroom and outside (still not using stairs).  We all (except for the officer, who disappeared) got there in time to see the dog's handler tugging on the leash to bring it back down to the ground.  It fell down and landed on the steps, obviously hurt.  Someone called an ambulance as it weakly tried to raise its head.

Next we were at the hospital.  The whole class had apparently gotten there in the old green car.  We all smelled strongly of dog, although I could not smell it.  A stretcher with the dog on it hooked up to an IV rolled past us, pushed by three people.  A doctor told us that it was heading to surgery.  Then he pushed us outside.  A nurse told us to leave because we smelled bad, especially the one very sweaty fat kid wearing thick glasses.  Also, this was a people hospital.

Suddenly, we were all having a party in another building.  I was carrying around a plate with a pile of pancakes, except I was calling them flapjacks.  I offered these flapjacks to everyone.  When someone took some of the flapjacks and only two were left on the plate, I decided to have them for myself.  I had no syrup!  There was a long table running parallel to the wall.  It had two jugs of syrup on it.  One was a metal pitcher.  The other was plastic.  I came up to the table and set my plate down on it.  On the other side of the table were two disheveled hippie women.  They warned me about the syrup harpies.  I got my syrup from the plastic jug and left.

That's when I woke up.
Also, the last two paragraphs might have been switched with one another, but I can't remember.
Anyone have an interpretation?
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United States
I am currently 19, in college, trying to improve my art. But I'm majoring in biology. Also I'm a birdwatcher.

I dislike fake plants, fluorescent tube lights, cold weather without snow.

I like the outdoors, birds, walking barefoot, my friends, drawing, and reading terrible novels that remind me of when I was younger. Also some other things.

Current Residence: North Carolina

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